Access Code FAQ

Section 1 - Buying and redeeming access codes

Section 2 - Common code questions

Section 3 - Join codes/course URLs

Section 4 - Publisher Support & Common Questions


Section 1 - Buying and redeeming access codes

Where do I find what access codes I need?

To access your Course Materials List, navigate to the "Books" section at the top of the page. From there, you have two options: you can either access a personalized list which will involve logging into FanshaweOnline, or you can use the Course Materials Search to find materials tailored to your program or course.

How do I redeem my code?

For Online Purchases: Once your purchase is complete, keep an eye on your email inbox. You'll receive an email containing your redemption code and step-by-step instructions. Follow those instructions to redeem your code on our website.

For In-Store Purchases: With your in-store purchase, you'll receive an additional receipt. This receipt will include your redemption code and clear instructions on how to use it. Follow the instructions provided to redeem your code on our website.

We highly recommend using your FanshaweOnline email address when redeeming codes or setting up accounts. Remember, student emails typically end with

I never received my code, what do I do?

If you made your purchase online, please double-check your email inbox for the order confirmation or any related messages. Sometimes, these emails can accidentally land in your spam/junk folder, so it's worth a quick look there too. If you haven't received anything, please reach out to us directly, and we'll investigate further.

For in-store purchases, you should have received an additional receipt for each code you bought. If you can't locate these receipts, please contact us, and we'll assist you in resolving the issue.

I want to return/refund my code.

Once our return window closes, access codes cannot be refunded. Our refund period is limited to the third week of each term. Please check your receipt for specific dates.

To return digital content or e-books, we need approval from the publisher. If you bought from our store or website, reach out to us to start the return process. Please note that this approval process may take up to 7 business days, and we cannot issue a refund until the publisher gives their approval. However, approvals are not guaranteed.

If you purchased codes or books from another website or store, their refund policy applies. For assistance, please contact them directly.

I have the wrong access code for my course and need to exchange it.

Please contact us to confirm if the digital book matches the one approved by your instructor or program coordinator. Once we know that, we can figure out if you need a refund or exchange, or if you require additional help from the publisher or instructor.

I bought a used textbook and only need the access code it usually comes with.

Many of the books we sell come with access codes. Before considering secondhand books, please check your course materials list to see which books come with codes. Keep in mind that many access codes cannot be purchased separately.



Section 2 - Common Code Questions

Can I download a pdf version or print parts of the book?


The restrictions on digital books vary depending on the publisher and the specific title. Because there's a wide range of digital books out there, it's challenging for us to verify the restrictions placed on each one. For accurate information, we recommend reaching out directly to the publisher.

Why can't I access some of my digital content before the term starts?

Certain digital codes can only be activated once the official start date of your class arrives. These codes are typically integrated directly into your course via FanshaweOnline and require the course to be active for access.

If you encounter difficulties, please try again on the first day of your class term, or feel free to contact us directly for assistance.

Where do I get my free OER e-book?

Certain courses offer Open Educational Resource (OER) e-books for free digital access. These resources are typically indicated in your course materials, with printed versions available for purchase if desired.

To access your OER e-books, reach out to your instructor for guidance on how to obtain them.

How long is my access code valid for?

Our digital access codes and e-books come with various access durations. Some provide lifetime access, while others are available for specific periods, such as 180 days, 365 days, or 2 years. If you're uncertain about the duration of your access, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.
And remember, your access period begins from the moment you activate your code.

My code isn't working/is too short or long for the publisher's website.

Make sure you aren't trying to use the 12-character code provided at purchase. You need to register this code on our website to get the further instructions and code from the publisher.

For example: J7N2-Y7J3-G8P4 – These codes are only valid on our website and can be redeemed just once.

Once you redeem your code, you will receive instructions to access your materials by email.



Section 3 - Join codes/course URLs

 Some digital content requires a join code, course URL, course ID or another similar code during registration. The wording varies from publisher to publisher.

I'm being asked for a join code/course ID/course URL.



These are generally provided by your instructor or posted within FanshaweOnline directly. Each instructor has a different preference for providing these so we recommend you contact them directly if you are unsure.

The site asks for a join code/course URL but my instructor says they don't have one.

Please contact the publisher directly in this case. Most of them can assist in getting your digital content connected to the right professor and course. You can find the support page for the publisher within your code instructions email or at the bottom of this page.
If the publisher is unable to locate a join code for your instructor, please reach out to us for assistance.

The site says I have an invalid join code/course URL.

Reach out to your instructor first to verify if the join code/course URL is correct. Sometimes an old code or link is provided and needs to be updated still.
If they have confirmed the code/url is correct, please reach out to the publisher directly for assistance.



Section 4 - Publisher Support

Campus eBookstore (CEI) & BibliU

My book is not showing in my account.
               You must use the same email address when redeeming your code on our website and when creating your CampuseBookstore account. If you have used two different emails or misspelled your email, please contact CEI support to have your accounts merged.
My book is not showing on BibliU.
               During the BibliU log in process, you will be asked to log in. Your log in will be the same as your CampuseBookstore account. When given a drop down list to choose your school, please select CampuseBookstore. This will properly attach your accounts together. If you are unable to, please contact CEI support.
The book is not displaying correctly/content is missing.
               Please contact BibliU support directly so they can investigate the issue.


My code is for multi-term/multi-class use but it is not working for my current/new course.
               Generally, you will receive a new course ID or URL for each additional course using the online content. These codes/links need to be registered with each new course. If you do not have the course ID/URL or are receiving errors when trying to activate it, please contact Pearson support.
Pearson tells me my code is invalid/incorrect.
                Pearson digital books have their own unique codes. Please ensure you are using the Pearson code, not the 12-character redemption code (e.g., A1B1-A1B1-A1B1) you received from us. After redeeming your code on our website, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your Pearson content.

If you are unable to locate the code, please contact us. If you have the code and it is not working, please contact Pearson support.

Top Hat

My e-book is asking for a join code but my teacher doesn't have one.
                 Please review the instructions and ensure you are visiting the correct website. Top Hat has two different sites: one for eTexts only( and one for digital courseware/bundles( E-Texts generally do not require join codes. 
I can't verify my account.
                 If you receive a verification link by email that shows an error when clicked, try right-clicking and opening the link in a new tab, or copying and pasting the link into a new tab. This should bypass the issue and allow you to complete your registration. The same method can be used if you encounter errors while resetting your password.
For additional issues, please contact Top Hat support directly here.

Publisher Contacts and Support

AME Learning
Tel: 1-888-401-3881 (Option 2)
Tel: 1-800-310-5661 (Option 1 and then Option 2)
CEI (CampuseBookstore)
Tel: 1-888-322-2272 (Option 2 and then Option 1)
Kendall Hunt (Paradigm)
Tel: 800-228-0810   (Option 1)
McGraw Hill
Tel: 800-331-5094
Tel: 1-800-567-3800 (Option 5)
Tel: 1.888.322.0012
Top Hat
Tel: 888-663-5491  (Option 1)
Tel: 866-522-9228  (Option 1)
Tel: 800-567-4797  (Option 2 and then Option 2)