Custom Program Hoodies

How to order a Program Hoodie

Yes! I want a hoodie customized for me with my program name on it.

  • You need a min of 12 people that would want to purchase a program hoodie
    (Our vendors are unable to create just 1 one of a kinds);
  • Stop by the Red Zone to pick up a Group order form to see if there is any interest within your program
    (Tip: Set up a Facebook group to get the word out)
  • Everyone gets the same design on the hoodie. Determine colour of hoodie, specific design colours and a cut off date you want everyone to purchase by.  Assign a main contact person for the group.
  • Hoodies are $50.99 (3XL $52.99) before tax. Customize even more by putting your name or “Class of” date on the sleeve for $10 extra!
  • Everyone that would like a customized program hoodie comes to the Red Zone (D1042) to try on a sample size and pre buy his or her hoodie before the order is complete.

Please try on a sample, we advise you not to guess! Keep your receipt!

  • When the cut off date expires, unless the order needs to be extended and as long there are 12 names on the list the order is placed with our vendor.
  • Orders take approx. 4-6weeks for delivery. Once they arrive at the Red Zone we will email the main contact who will then let the group know they can each pick up their hoodies. (Our vendors have there own production schedules and 4-6 weeks is an approximate timeline).
  • Bring your student ID to collect your hoodie.


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