Optional Program Apparel

Are you looking for apparel that is specific to your program at Fanshawe? We've got you covered!

The Red Zone regularly stocks "School of..." hoodies for all schools of the London Campus, as we don't have the capacity to stock all Fanshawe programs. However, we want to help you find the perfect program apparel!

To order custom Fanshawe program apparel, one student is required to set up the order, by filling out the order form and selecting the item, layout, colours, and style:
Program Apparel. (These forms are also available in the Red Zone, Room D1042.)

Once the form is completed, the staff in the Red Zone will set up the custom order. Each student is responsible to come in and pre-purchase their item by the deadline date determined at the time the order is set up.

As long as at least 12 students come to the Red Zone and pre-purchase the custom item by the pre-determined deadline date, the order will be placed. If the minimum order is not met, students can return for a refund.

For more information, stop by the Red Zone to inquire, in D1042.

Fanshawe Program Apparel

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